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No-Fail Pocket Square Combinations

Trouble matching your pocket square to your tie or bow tie? Join us and we’ll send you 5 foolproof combinations that you can wear now.

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Trouble matching ties, bow ties & pocket squares?

52 Ways To Fold Your Pocket Square

Step by step guides on how to fold 52 different pocket square folds. The dots indicate difficulty.

How do I fold a pocket square?

Want to know how to fold a pocket square or handkerchief?

Here are 5 quick and simple steps to follow when folding pocket squares or handkerchiefs.

  1. Begin with the pocket square face down
  2. Fold in half from right to left
  3. Fold in half from left to right leaving a gap at the right side
  4. Fold in half from top to bottom
  5. Fold the bottom up and behind the front. Adjust to fit the size of your jacket pocket.

Rules For Folding The Pocket Square

There are not many rules for wearing a pocket square, which also means the above folds are just some creative options. So feel free to make up your own fold. However we suggest avoiding using the same fabric for both your necktie / bow tie and your pocket square . It looks too ordered. Instead experiment with colors that work well together. Head on over to our article on pocket squares , if you want to get a good understanding of color theory.

If you're looking for a few good starter folds, we recommend The Presidential or The Classic One Point . If you're looking to go more casual but still fold the pocket square in seconds, there's The Puff . Really looking for a challenge? Try folding The Rose or The 4 Angled Peaks .

When We Started Folding Pocket Squares

Before the advent of tissues, men relied on small pieces of fabric to wipe their weary brows, blow their runny noses, and remove messy food spills from their chins. The handkerchief has long served its purpose as a personal hygiene implement in the hands and inner jacket pockets of men all over the world.

The pocket square however is essentially a handkerchief that’s used purely for decorative purposes. Usually, the fabric is thinner and often has colors and decorating touches. The trend of folding and tucking a gorgeous piece of fabric (aka pocket square) into one’s jacket took off in the 1920s and fell out of fashion in the 1960s. A resurgence in pocket square popularity occurred in the 1990s when actors on highly-rated TV shows started sporting them again.

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