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Wear Your Own Rules

Designed for the man who makes his own rules and finds his own path. The Boho Collection features classic suit accessories that, unlike solid-colored basics, come alive with playfully-detailed Danish design. The spirit of the collection is for every man wanting to show up and be present for what life offers.

Part of the Crowd?

Conformity is everywhere. Rebel with paisley, florals, and eclectic patterns. Life is too short for a boring necktie.

Match with Confidence

Today is the last day you lose time matching your accessories. Each piece is created to mix and match within the collection. Rich colors and inspired patterns complement each other – the only decision to be made is which one to wear first.

Designed for You

Other people may not notice the hand-rolled edges in your pocket square or appreciate the softness that silk gives to your tie. The frayed edging of your scarf and the pre-tied feature of your bow tie will be lost on most. But you’re not one of the ‘most’. The details are for you.

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