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You’re staring at harmful blue light that can possibly strain your eyes and make it hard to sleep tonight. Instead of giving up on your screen, get a pair of blue light glasses that filters harmful blue light and may help reduce digital eye strain. Shop our edit of computer glasses designed exclusively for men.

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Give Your Eyes a Break with Men’s Blue Light Glasses

You’re looking at it! You are, at this very moment, staring at blue light coming from your screen. Too much of this and your eyes will start to feel tired. Combine that with the fact that many of us don’t blink enough when using a screen and you’ve got a serious problem. Blink now.

You can’t avoid blue light, but you can protect your eyes from it – with blue-light blocking glasses. Blue light glasses – a type of computer glasses – help reduce digital eye strain and protect your eyes from the countless hours spent sitting in front of your computer or matching up coloured candies on your phone. Our selection of blue light blocking glasses for men can reduce glare and filter blue light.

The best anti blue light glasses also offer 100% UV protection. Not all sunglasses are dark, you know – it’s more important that they’re coated with UV protection. Waykins has Danish-designed computer glasses with blue light lenses and total sun protection.

While better vision is one thing… we offer a variety of styles that look good too. From browlines to aviators, our blue light filter glasses have the style you deserve and the protection you need.

What Makes Blue Light Glasses Work?

Blue light blocking glasses have lenses that are designed to absorb the blue/violet light from your device and surroundings. Computer glasses with blue light lenses are usually clear and come in a range of styles for men. This blue light blocking technology potentially helps decrease eye fatigue, headaches and helps regulate your body and sleep patterns. There are many other factors involved with digital eye strain that should also be considered. Anti blue light glasses are not a cure-all, but they are one small step in a puzzle toward better eye health.